Bendabout Bits: January 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brain Freeze

Yes, I promise that Mason has other clothes besides cammo! His PopPop is an avid hunter so Mason has like 3 cammo outfits so it looks like that's all he wears. I think I'm going to have to put them in the back of his closet! Anyway, Mason LOVES to munch on Sonic ice....I think he had a little too much this day!

Watching Barney

Mason has just started getting into Barney. Here is a pic of him and my dad (PopPop) watching Barney.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Morning Quiet Time....

So last nite I was all prepared to wake up this morning and have a MORNING quiet time. Our pastor spoke yesterday how important it is to have a MORNING quiet time. And then a few weeks ago I got an email from a friend that had a message from Herb Hodges about MORNING quiet times. So I figured that the Lord must be wanting me to have a MORNING quiet time. Giving Him my first fruits of the day instead of the leftovers.

Those of you that know me, know that I am NOT a morning person. And to top that off I have a 14 month old that "normally" gets up during the night 1-3 times STILL!! Anyway, being incredibly convicted yesterday during service our pastor talked about how we need to have the following for our MORNING quiet times --

  • Determination
  • Preparation
  • Separation
  • Expectation

Guess what happened last night?!?!?! MASON slept the ENTIRE night!!! And to top that off HE SLEPT IN!!!! OK, can I just tell you that that has NEVER happened. So at 6AM (my "determined" time that I appointed for my MORNING quiet time) I still hear no stirring over the baby monitor. And what do I do? I roll over and go back to sleep. My excuse....maybe the Lord wants me to get some sleep for once.

Of course, now that I have been up for a few hours and basking in the wonderful feeling of my son sleeping in I am able to realize that maybe the Lord sent angels to sing to Mason to keep him sleeping. I figure the Lord did this so that we (the Lord and I) could spend some quality MORNING time together......ok, so I feel incredibly guilty now. I can just imagine the Lord sending the angels to sing a beautiful praise song to Mason with the hopes of me spending some time with Him. .......and what do I do? I roll over. Oh, Lord will I ever get this right?

Looks like I need to work on determination. I wonder if I'll be getting up a million times tonight with Mason or will I get another chance?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20, 2007

Since I was snowed (iced) in last week I was able to start on Mason's scrapbook.....I'm JUST 14 months behind! :o) I loved these pics with my dad and Mason! Looks like we have bad weather for this weekend maybe I'll get a few more pages finished!

I went out with my girlfriends last night.....we had an awesome time! No husbands and no kids. We got kicked out of the salad place where we had dinner AND the coffee place. Not because we were rambunctious or anything....just because we stayed past closing time at BOTH places. I don't think any of us wanted to go home. Girlfriends are the best "therapy" in the world!!!!! And they're free too!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas 2006

Well, Mason's 1st Christmas 2005 was spent in the ER because he had to have an emergency barium enema....just picture a baby on a was TERRIBLE. And THIS Christmas we should have taken him to the ER, but we waited until the next day. Mason had had double ear infections since September and one ear drum had even ruptured! That was awful! Last week On Jan. 9th Mason had tubes put in both ears. There was an immediate difference in him! He even looks better. He is so happy now that he feels good. And for the first time in FIVE months Mason does not have a runny nose! The doctor said this morning that his hearing is now perfect and there is NO infection in either ear! Praise the Lord! AND when Mason went under anesthesia his heart did not have any problems! The power of prayer is alive and well! We are so glad that 2006 is over and we are looking forward to a better 2007!!! Mason is only getting up once or twice a night since getting tubes so it is already looking up!!