Bendabout Bits: February 2007

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Want to help!!!????

I had a dear friend just return from a mission trip to India! He ministered to the Banjara people of India. If you are broke, like me, you can still help!!! YEAH!!! And all you need to do is use a great search engine!!!! We all use search engines pretty much daily, so won't you give this one a try? I promise it is not a hoax! When you go to make sure you type in "Banjara for Christ" as the organization you want to support! Now how easy is that??? Now, won't you please do that today? While you are there take a look at some of the photos. Once, my friend, Dale creates his blog I'll put a link to his site so you can read about his journey and see his photos! ~~~Melissa~~~

What a difference a year makes!!!!

One year ago we could have never dreamed that we would have such a healthy AND HAPPY little boy. Praise the Lord! His mercies are never ceasing!

These are some pics of Mason just being Mason. I promise that I am not driving while taking these pictures!!!! These were taken last Friday after the aquarium, Mike went to QT to get a pop.

I love how the animal cookies all in his teeth and nose add dimension to the scrappers out there will know what I'm talking about!!!

Mason's 1st Hair Cut

Mason had his first hair cut on Saturday (sniff sniff). He was being good so she took out the electric clippers. She said she's never had such a good baby at their first hair cut (big grin). I don't think Mason had a clue what was going on. He was too busy being a ham in front of all the ladies in the shop watching him. He is either going to be a class clown or a ladies man, because he already knows how to flirt!!!! Oh dear!

Mason's car

A few weeks ago, before Mason had tubes put in his ears, our pastor anointed him with oil and prayed over him. While we were still in his office he pulled out a matchbox car for Mason. Well, that little car has become Mason's most favorite toy and he can't understand why we won't let him take it to nite nite with him. We really like using the car when we change Mason because it will keep him still for a few minutes. The other day after I changed him , I took the car away from him and boy did Mason have a meltdown (what I call tantrums). Anyway, I turned on the TV and as soon as Mason saw Thomas on TV he immediately stopped crying and started dancing to the music....I had to take a picture!!!

15 Months Today!

I can't believe that Mason is 15 months old TODAY!!!!!!
I'm a week behind in my posts, oh well.
Last Friday Mike surprised us by coming home from work early and taking us to the Jenks aquarium. It was really fun to get out as a family. It was even better because we were virtually the only ones there! So we were able to let Mason out of his stroller and run around. It's been so cold and windy here so he hasn't been outside much to run off some steam. I think Mason had a great time.
Here is Mason at the Stingray touch tank. I'm the only one that actually touched the Stingrays and sharks. I think Mike was a little chicken.

I used to cringe when I saw babies crawling on the floor in a public area.....well, not only had Mason been crawling on the floor in front of this tank, but in this picture he is kissing the glass trying to get to the "baby" on the other side.

Does this one even need an explanation.

This is now my favorite picture of my 2 boys.

More stingrays.