Bendabout Bits: October 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dare to Discipline

Whooee, I'm on a reading role! I have just finished Dr. James Dobson's The New Dare to Discipline. This is such a great parenting resource. This book has tips for any age child and he does a great job discussing different methods of discipline. This book is for parents AND teachers!! I love Dr. Dobson , if you couldn't tell already, and have a great admiration for him and for his constant love of children and our Lord. You can check here for his recent broadcasts, there may be one in your area.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A boy and his dog.

Mason was eating an ice cream cone while Stanlie was underfoot "begging" for a lick.....well not only did Stanlie get a lick, but ice cream drippings all over his head and ears. Poor Stanlie was running in circles trying to get to it.

Like Father, Like Son....

I'm so thankful that Mike is a "handyman" type guy. And by the looks of things, Mason will be following in his footsteps. ((It is, by the way, my daily prayer that Mason will be JUST like his dad when he grows up....not just because he can fix things....but because of the man, husband, and father that Mike is.))

Anyway, enough of the sappy stuff and on to the photos of Mason "helping" Mike with his OWN tools. Mason loves to fix things.

On a side note, Mason will be "Handy Manny" for our Fall Festival at church. Imagine that!! LOL

More Thomas pics

Ok, so I had more pics than I are a few more....

Here are some pics we took in 2007 with Thomas.

Thomas 2008

Have a little boy, then you are sure to know who Thomas is. Thankfully Thomas came to OKC this year. Normally he only comes every other year, but last year he came for the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration. Here are some of my favorite pics of the day.

He's getting so big.......

Love the finger in his ear.....

We were laughing so hard.....

Mason and daddy....

I love my boys...


Sometimes I like a book that is just a nice, feel-good, kind of story. Well "Dewey" is just that book. If you are an animal lover and a book lover then this book is for you!!! It's a short story of a library cat that changed an entire town. Dewey lived for 19 years at the Spencer Public Library in Spencer, IA. And yes, I did have to get a box of Kleenex for the last few chapters.
Click his picture and it will take you to