Bendabout Bits: September 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

9/17/07 Mason's Wagon

Mason loves to ride around on the lawn mower (aka Big Tractor). Mike decided to hook up his wagon to it and pull him around in that! Mason loved it! Normally he has his headphones on, but kept throwing them off. Got some great pics of his eyes!

8/20/07 First Day of Preschool

Mason isn't one for sitting or standing in one place long enough for me to snap a good picture. I actually took his "First day of school" pictures on 2 different days in the hopes of getting a good shot! Mason even has a school book to work in now. What a big boy!! He loves to go to school and will even run down the hall to get to his class!

Mason on the Bike 3/07

Look what I found....Pics of Mason on the bike SIX months ago! My little guy is growing up! And, NO, Mason does NOT go for rides on the bike. He does like to sit on it while Mike starts it up though! Mike's had the bike for over a year now, I wish I would have go pics of Mason on it last year!!

Daddy's Bike 9/11/07

Mason loves to sit on Mike's bike. I love the picture where he's got his legs up on the seat. Already looks too comfortable on that thing! Notice Mason has a bike on his shirt too! These pictures were taken on 9/11/07

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fur Babies

When Mason was in the NICU, they encouraged us to put pictures up for him.




Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What great boys I have!!!

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband that actually helps around the house without me even asking! I got a picture of Mike TEACHING Mason how to do the dishes!! I hope and pray that Mason will be a wonderful husband and father. He sure has a good role model that is for sure!!

It's a Big Big World

Mason LOVES to watch "Snook". I TiVo it because it is on during his nap time. I should probably confess that BOTH Mike and I like this show too!!! At the end Snook puts his paw on the screen and Mason always runs up to the screen and puts his hand on his paw! He wakes up wanting to see Snook on TV. I'm glad we've found a show we can all watch! LOL