Bendabout Bits: June 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A broken heart....

Mike's face says it all!!! We had to ride the train at the zoo, as per Mason's instructions, of course. :o) Well....only one problem....the train was too full by the time we got in line. So it just means we have to wait for it to come and get us on the next trip. Ok? Nope, Mason thought it was the end of the world! He couldn't understand why "Trainey left me". He was absolutely heartbroken. I thought it was hilarious, but as you can see, Mike doesn't have quite the same sense of humor as I do. :o) BTW- this meltdown lasted the entire 15 minutes it took for the train to come back.....thank heavens there were a MILLION pre-schoolers running around so Mason didn't really stand out.....that much. LOL

SEE!!! I told you it was coming back. What relief for the poor little fella!!
Ahhhhhh, this is the face of a happy boy!!
Concentrating on the ride.

Mason at the zoo

I love this shot of Mason looking at the penguins.
Mason LOVES animals. He just loved getting up close and personal with the birds. What a great exhibit.

Here are some pics I took at the zoo. Mason has a little girlfriend, Issy, who just so happens to be my BFF's daughter. They get along splendidly!! It's sooo cute to watch them hug when they see each other. Well....Mason tries to hug her, she's normally dashing off as fast as she can. Both of them LOVE to be on the go!

How is this possible?

Mason is a VERY light how on earth can he do this!?!?!!?!?

Let's go fly a kite! (I dare you not to think of Mary Poppins right now!) Here is Mason flying his first kite, Elmo of course, and having a blast. And he wants NO help from Mom and Dad. Little booger wants to do everything on his own now. Which kind of makes me out of a job!! Maybe it's time to shine up the ol' Resume'~~