Bendabout Bits: December 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Ice Storm

This was an amazing ice storm!!! My parents live 15 minutes north of us, the damage in their area was sooooo much worse than what we received. A week after the storm and they are one of the thousands that are still without power. Another 15 minutes north of their house, my friends trees STILL had ice on them 5 days AFTER. The ice on our trees was gone in a few days. It's amazing to think that this damage is pretty much state wide.

This is the road right in front of my parents home. The pictures just don't do the damage justice.

Here is the road into my parents neighborhood, this road is to the right of their home

Here is a picture of my parents driveway....yes, it's there.

I don't think anyone will be sitting here in the shade this summer.

This is my "favorite" picture. This looks like a small tree. But I assure you that this is (was) a HUGE tree. It looks as if it was just skinned right down to the bottom of the trunk.
What's left of dads shed.