Bendabout Bits: March 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bye Bye first tooth

Here are some recent pics of Mason...some with and some without his front tooth. Sorry for the fuzzy ones, he was "helping" me scrapbook and wouldn't stand still. LOL Oh and I posted some of his "dorky hat" pics. He LOVES that stupid hat!

Where have I been??

Wow, 2009 is off to a BAD start! God is faithful even in the valley’s of life and that could not be more evident this year. In no particular order, here are just SOME (yes, not all, some are too personal to share) of the events of 2009…

The encapsulated version. (I do not feel like typing much right now) :o)

Mike had surgery on his neck.

Mason took a hard fall while at my parents on one of the days I was home having a miscarriage. My parents and Mike had to rush him to urgent care. It knocked his front tooth loose. He would not eat or drink for 2 days. As we were getting ready to take him to the ER....because he was getting dehydrated…he finally drank. I took him to the pediatric dentist that Monday, where he had to have that front tooth pulled. It was fractured high above the gum line…NOT a fun experience for any of us. Ten days later we had to rush him back to the dentist because his pediatrician thought that it was abscessing….thank heavens it was not!

We had to put our beloved cat, Dustie, to sleep.

I had two miscarriages during the SAME pregnancy…yes, you read that right….TWO miscarriages SAME pregnancy. Twins? Ectopic? My body not getting rid of everything? No one knows this side of eternity.

9 weeks of blood work. One week alone, I had THIRTEEN vials of blood drawn. Yup…my arms are all black and blue. I'm a hard stick, so it wasn't fun.

I had surgery 2 weeks ago.

All children are miracles from God…but we found out this week that Mason is even more of a miracle than we had thought. I have a blood condition called Lupus Anticoagulant. It basically means that my blood does not clot the way that it should, hence all the miscarriages. IF we wanted to try again, I would have to give myself a shot of Heparin EVERY day and be followed closely by a team of specialists. Even then, there are no guarantees. Basically, it means no more children for us. Amazingly, other than getting high blood pressure my last few weeks with Mason I had NO PROBLEMS with my pregnancy with him. Not even morning sickness!!! We are more convinced than ever that God has AMAZING plans for that little boy!!

If you count all my lab work…. between the three of us.....we have had FORTY, yes 40, medical related appointments this year (and it is ONLY March 8th)!!!!!!! That equals to over $700.00 so far in Co-pays and over 1,000 miles driving. (Thankfully, we have not received our bills yet for the two surgeries this year) We are praying ever so fervently that we have hit a plateau now!!

I have left some things out, but I am sure you can get the gist of things here. So if I have not returned a phone call, email or letter….PLEASE understand why. Things have been BEYOND hectic here, some weeks we have had appointments literally every day. I am praying that we have gotten all that out of the way now and we can enjoy the rest of the year…..WITHOUT doctors!!

Oh I forgot one more thing….Mike turned 43 and I turned 36!!!!