Bendabout Bits: April 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tagged Again

This time my "deer" friend Angela got me! She is my new cyber buddy. We are both demos for The Angel Company! You can find out all about her here...

Ok 7 more things about me...

1. I was born in New Jersey.

2. I have 3 older brothers.

3. I like animals (sometimes more than I do people).

4. I like to watch American Idol, Lost and 24.

5. I love cold weather.

6. I love to take naps Sunday afternoons after church.

7. My husband is my best friend.

8. I love plain hershey kisses.

9. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (it seems like it is the least "commercialized" of the holidays now).

10. I sing the "Thomas" song to my son every day.

I've been tagged

4/26/07 I've been tagged by some of my friends from A shade of Blue. I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself....

1. I have been happily married to Mike for almost 11 years.

2. I have one beautiful son, Mason.

3. I have 2 cats (Mokie and Dustie) and one dog (Stanlie).

4. I am now a SAHM and love it.

5. I sell AVON.

6. My favorite color is purple.

7. I am very active in and love my church.

8. I am a neat freak "wanna be".

9. I am a home body.

10. I HATE living in is WAY too hot here!

you can view my friend Chris' blog here

Sunday, April 15, 2007

ATC's , Ear Infections, and Brads

Ok, so I finally got my ATC's done for a swap I signed up for. I'll have to post them later (you'll find out why in a bit). It took me 2 weeks to get 1o completed. Gosh, I can't get things finished like I would like.

Mason has his 3rd ear infection since the tubes were put in in January. He is acting ok, just not eating well. It bothers me because I think he should be eating more. Mom says he'll eat when he wants to. I guess he will, but he hasn't had a "normal" meal in 5 days. He is drinking and sleeping and playing well. I guess that is a good thing.

Got some great new brads yesterday when a friend and I went to 2 new scrapbook/stamp stores in Tulsa. It was fun and we hit a good sale.

I'd post some pics, but my camera is down. I thought it was batteries, so I changed those....then I got some strange error message. I'll have to sit down tonite after Mason goes to bed to try to figure it out. Mason had on the cutest outfit for church today and I was more than bothered when I got an error message on my camera!!! His eyes perfectly matched his sweater. UGH. I'll try again later!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter 2007

He IS Risen!!! He IS Alive!!! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins and rising three days later! What a mighty God we serve!!!!

I had to improvise on Mason's Easter outfit. He had a cute little sweater vest that he was supposed to wear with shorts....however, the weather has been CRAZY here and was 20 degrees this morning. So I had to squeeze Mason into some blue pants....and I do mean squeeze him into them!! You see these pants (the only blue ones Mason has and the only thing that would look good in this outfit) are size 18 month. Mason is already wearing 24 month and some 2T clothes. But he HAD to wear this outfit. Of course, he could have cared less!

We just had Mike's dad over for a small dinner because my parents both have bad colds. So we will plan on having our big Easter family dinner with my brothers and nephews when it's warmer and Mason can play outside. The good thing, is is that Mason has no idea what fun he missed out on today! Plus I'll get to hit the after Easter sales and get some Easter eggs and things for his basket really cheap!!!

I took these pics today of Mason and his grandpa. I can't believe the difference in the skin tone! Grandpa is full Cherokee and Mike is over 5/8ths, so Mason has a lot more Cherokee blood than he shows. He looks all Polish to me! Anyway, Mason was eating in his high chair as normal and after a few bites he would just fling his food, his fork, sippy cup, you name it. So I figured that he wasn't very hungry. I let him out of his highchair and he ran to his Grandpa (he always RUNS to Grandpa!!) and ate HIS food. It was really cute because the food on Grandpa's plate was obviously better than the same food that was on his plate!! LOL ((I'll have to take some pics of him wearing his Easter outfit later, this is not his Easter outfit, these are just his play clothes)).

Women's Retreat

OK, so I know that I am over 2 months behind in my blog, but with a sick baby, a women's retreat, stamp camp and great weather (not counting this week) I've been away from my computer a lot. Mason had a fever of over 105, it was sooooo scary. They still don't know what it was. Some sort of virus and rash. Glad that is over.

Anyway, we had a women's retreat at my church last weekend and I was asked to teach a scrapbooking class. ((we had "fun" classes after the retreat and after the "real" Biblical lessons were presented)). I was able to present some Biblical truths to scrapbooking! Like scrapbooking our Faith....I mean if it is a part of your daily life, why wouldn't you include it in your scrapbook!?!?!? I also included verses such as

  • 1 Cor 16:14

  • PS. 114:4

  • Phil. 1:3

  • Ps. 78:4

I spoke mostly about how we need to remember the bad times in our lives. Those "valleys" seem to be when we grow the most spiritually. So we must not forget those lessons we've learned.

Here is the scrapbook layout I taught. I had everything pre-cut for all the ladies, they just had to glue their pages down. Boy, that was a lot of work, but the ladies really appreciated it and seemed to enjoy the class. I had several ladies that had never scrapbooked before!!