Bendabout Bits: August....already?!?!?!?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Ok, so it's August and I haven't posted in OVER a month, so that means more pictures!!! About the only thing new with us is Mason is taking an interest in going pee pee in the potty!! He did it 3 times this weekend! We're not rushing him or pushing him, just letting him do it in his own timing!
He is developing into quite the character! He loves to laugh and make you laugh at him. He has a great sense of humor and LOVES to give others big hugs. He comes up to me several times a day to give me big hugs. Makes my heart melt.
Mason is getting quite smart too...yesterday he kept saying "Ah-angle" over and over again. I couldn't figure it out until he brought me a triangle! I have not taught him his shapes yet. Maybe his friend Elmo did? Mason has several books that he adores. We read to him all the time. The other day he was quite upset because Mike and I had no idea what he was telling us...Mingo Mingo Mingo he would shout. We had NO idea what he was talking about. Wouldn't you know it, that little booger went to his bookshelf and brought us a picture of a flamingo! Mind you, I hadn't read out of this book in weeks!! Ahhhhh, what information that little brains soak up! He is also learning more and more sign language words every day!! Enough talking here are some pics.

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