Bendabout Bits: Uh oh, Silence

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Uh oh, Silence

So what happens at our house with less than 3 minutes of silence?

Mason gets the uber THICK and greasy lotion that Mike (yes MIKE) left behind (Mistake #1). Here's how it went down.....

Mike gives Mason a shower while I'm in the kitchen making dinner. Mason comes out of the shower, so I get him dressed in his pj's. He's still pretty hot from playing outside all day, so I just put his pj top on (mistake #2).

Now, Mike is giving the dog a bath while I'm setting the table. Mason is 10 feet away playing with his train set. You can see in the pics HOW CLOSE Mason is to the dinner table.

All of a sudden....silence......"every moms warning sign". So I peek around the corner.....and there is Mason. Instead of gasping, or saying "Maaaaaasssoooooonnn", I run (without bursting into laughter) and get my camera.

This is how the conversation went down....
Me - Mason.....
Mason - Whacha doin moma?
Me - Mason what are YOU doing?
Mason - Puttin lo-chin on
Me - Mason are you supposed to be doing that?
Mason - lo-chins nice moma
Me - Mason are you supposed to be doing that?
Mason - Moma I puttin lo-chin on
Me - Mason, lets go see daddy...and take another shower.
Mason - I don't wanna nother shower.
Me - Mason you NEED another shower

By this time Stanlie is out of the shower....
So I walk Mason BACK into the bathroom and tell Mike (before I round the corner "don't laugh")..... now Mason is BACK into the shower. Now remember this is Eucerin LOTION, this stuff is thicker than spackle!! I thought I was going to have to get mike a putty knife!!!
By this time I'm back in the kitchen making sure dinner isn't burning WHILE trying to clean this "lotion" out of the carpet, the toys, the train set, etc.
A few minutes goes by and Mason is back out of the shower again.....I get him dressed into some NEW pj's. His legs were so waxy they felt like candles!! Pretty funny stuff.
Then 45 minutes (after FIRST stepping into the shower) Mike is finally out of the shower. Remarkably, he did not run out of hot water!! Finally, we all sit down for dinner.....and no, the lotion did not come out of the carpet.

What's really funny....when I walked into the bathroom with Mason, Mike thought it was "just powder".


Darla Smith said...

What would our lives be like without our little darlings!! I'm a little sad I won't experience Mason and his sweet little do-it-myself attitude! Hope you find something that will work on the carpet!!

Bootybella said...

OMG!!!!! This is too pricelesss!!!!! LOL!!!!