Bendabout Bits: ATC's , Ear Infections, and Brads

Sunday, April 15, 2007

ATC's , Ear Infections, and Brads

Ok, so I finally got my ATC's done for a swap I signed up for. I'll have to post them later (you'll find out why in a bit). It took me 2 weeks to get 1o completed. Gosh, I can't get things finished like I would like.

Mason has his 3rd ear infection since the tubes were put in in January. He is acting ok, just not eating well. It bothers me because I think he should be eating more. Mom says he'll eat when he wants to. I guess he will, but he hasn't had a "normal" meal in 5 days. He is drinking and sleeping and playing well. I guess that is a good thing.

Got some great new brads yesterday when a friend and I went to 2 new scrapbook/stamp stores in Tulsa. It was fun and we hit a good sale.

I'd post some pics, but my camera is down. I thought it was batteries, so I changed those....then I got some strange error message. I'll have to sit down tonite after Mason goes to bed to try to figure it out. Mason had on the cutest outfit for church today and I was more than bothered when I got an error message on my camera!!! His eyes perfectly matched his sweater. UGH. I'll try again later!!

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Jennifer said...

My son's name is Mason too. He is four. We don't hear that name a lot and I wasn't too fond of it when my husband first came up with the name but now I love it!!