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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Women's Retreat

OK, so I know that I am over 2 months behind in my blog, but with a sick baby, a women's retreat, stamp camp and great weather (not counting this week) I've been away from my computer a lot. Mason had a fever of over 105, it was sooooo scary. They still don't know what it was. Some sort of virus and rash. Glad that is over.

Anyway, we had a women's retreat at my church last weekend and I was asked to teach a scrapbooking class. ((we had "fun" classes after the retreat and after the "real" Biblical lessons were presented)). I was able to present some Biblical truths to scrapbooking! Like scrapbooking our Faith....I mean if it is a part of your daily life, why wouldn't you include it in your scrapbook!?!?!? I also included verses such as

  • 1 Cor 16:14

  • PS. 114:4

  • Phil. 1:3

  • Ps. 78:4

I spoke mostly about how we need to remember the bad times in our lives. Those "valleys" seem to be when we grow the most spiritually. So we must not forget those lessons we've learned.

Here is the scrapbook layout I taught. I had everything pre-cut for all the ladies, they just had to glue their pages down. Boy, that was a lot of work, but the ladies really appreciated it and seemed to enjoy the class. I had several ladies that had never scrapbooked before!!

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