Bendabout Bits: Lost and Found

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost and Found

If you know me very well, you know I LOVE pictures. I love to scrapbook, I love looking at pictures, I love taking pictures, I love everything about memories. Well, unfortunately we don't have very many photos of Mason's first 6 months (if you know us, you know why). Anyway, I am usually the one behind the camera, so pictures of Mason and I together are few and far between.
Anyway, Mike had take some pictures of us in January of 2006. I printed them out and gave them to the grandparents, but didn't save any for myself as every penny was put towards his medical bills. I have been looking for two and a half years for these pictures and I thought that I did not have them saved. I was heartbroken. For the last 2 weeks I have been suffering from Vertigo and haven't been able to do much of anything. Since movement makes me sick, I've been trying to sit and sort through my computer/scrapbook/stamp/quilting/storage room. And guess what....I found an unmarked CD and I put into my computer. Guess what!?!?! It had the jpegs I thought were no longer in existences. Can I tell you how happy I am? I can't wait to scrapbook these.
Again, these were taken on 1/15/06.


Ryan and Amber said...

How sweet! What a beautiful baby he was. We had a hard drive crash when we just had Avery and I lost several pictures of her around 6-9 months. Still makes me sad...definately reminds me to back up those memories.

"Jany" said...

What beautiful set of pictures! You looked so happy with your baby in your arms. It is a shame that men are so bad taking pictures that we don't have as many pics of our happy moments. I don't have pics with my parents when I was growing up. I wish I could know my mom's feelings for me since as I grew up we grew farther apart and I wonder how was she with me. She has tons of pics of me, alone. So, no idea of how she looked like with me near. If she was mad or unhappy. So, I know these memories are precious!