Bendabout Bits: Halloween 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

Mason was Handy Manny this year. Mason loves tools and loves to help his daddy fix anything!! The hat that came with the costume was so cheesy and fake looking. I knew I'd have to get a new cap and sew on a pencil, just like Manny has. In fact, the first thing Mason said to me when he saw the costume was, "where's my pencil". Thankfully, Mike found a hat exactly like Manny's. I also got Mason a pair of work boots (which he LOVES), and a tool box to use instead of a pumpkin to hold all his treats!!!
We did see other Handy Manny kids running around. But, I think adding the boots, hat, pencil and (the biggest hit) the tool box, Mason was the best Manny ever!

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