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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a day

Poor Mason. We went to his 3 year old check up yesterday and apparently his eardrum has ruptured again. He gave NO warning signs like he has in the past. And he still has tubes. We got in to see the ENT today....of course it was during nap time. But what can you do?? We were in the office for 2.5 hours....but that is another story. Anyway, he may have to have his adenoids taken out and more tubes put in. In the mean time, his doctors are going to do some allergy testing on him.
Off we went to another room to have some blood drawn. Now remember that he just turned 3. There were 3 of us holding him. The nurse got the vein on the first try, but then he jerked.....and that was that. It was awful and he will have a terrible bruise. Instead of them trying again, I asked for a req to the hospital to have blood drawn there. We had to do this last year when they couldn't get a vein in the office. (Sadly, Mason is a hard stick, like myself).
So at the hospital, Mason knew what was coming. Mike could hardly hold him and one nurse was assigned to just one arm. Poor fella was screaming so bad they were afraid that he was going to pass out. Thankfully, it was a "seasoned" phlebotomist and she got him on the first try.....then we had to wait for the 3 vials to fill.
After an incredibly looooooong day, we took him to Burger King (my LEAST favorite place), so he could play in the play area (I'm a germophobe, but felt he earned it). We let him play for an hour or so, it was sooooo nice to see him laugh and run and jump after a day like today. When we got in the car he said "we had a good day today didn't we". When we got home he said "we had a fun day today didn't we". I am so thankful that we took him there and ended the day on a positive note.
After showering and brushing his teeth I ALWAYS read him stories. He is in the phase now where he likes to "read" to me. Well....tonight, was a special night as a special friend decided to join us for book time. I love this dog.
In spite of it all....what a GREAT day and what a PERFECT ending to any day....spending it with mans, or in this case...boys best friend.
Pictures can say a thousand words...
Can you tell that I'm not the only one that loves this dog?
Reading to a friend.
So sweet.

Is this not the sweetest?

Stanlie, wishing that this was a book about bones or chasing cats.

FYI -- we adopted Stanlie from the Animal Resuce Foundation in Tulsa.


Stacy said...

Aww... poor little guy. Sounds like he's a trooper though! Hope he's feeling a little better. Love the photos of him and his buddy :)

Bridgett said...

Oh it just breaks my heart to take my kids to the doctor and watch them go through all of that, but it really is for the best!! Hugs to you, Mom!!! I know that was really tough! What a great little guy to see the fun and bright side to the day. Shouldn't we all have such an attitude? Especially when something rotten happens! The photos are priceless and your doggie is blessed with such a loving family, as I am sure you feel blessed to have him! What a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!!!

"Jany" said...

Those images are great to scrapbook! The memories are priceless.